levy employer

At Greaves Consultancy, we work closely with the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (ROTAP) to support employers in creating cost-effective and capable workforce as well as maximising the return on investment from the Levy. We believe it is essential to develop the right strategy with our clients and gaining a real understanding of how their business operates.


Since 2015, we have introduced and implemented specialist apprenticeship programs for NHS, Samsung Electronics, British Heart Foundation and the Port of Tilbury. We’ve worked with over 70 of the trailblazer’s employers’ groups to develop standards and assessment plans. Board committee member for Youth Employment UK since 2017

What are the benefits of the apprenticeship levy

By drawing upon our expert knowledge of apprenticeships and the funding parameters within as well as our minimum OFSTED Grade 2 Training Partners, we can highlight the following benefits that your organisation can expect:

    • Locate and develop local talent.
    • Increase talent retention.
    • Upskill and train staff within areas such as technical, leadership and personal.
    • Increase savings in recruitment costs.
    • Growth in business productivity.
    • Support and guidance with ROTAP application & bids.
    • Provide learning solutions to employers and training providers.