Greaves consultancy works closely with the Register of apprenticeship training providers (ROTAP) to the government to support employers in creating cost-effective and capable workforces as well as maximising the return on investment from the Levy leading to enhanced talent retention. We do so by strategising with our clients, gaining a true understanding of how their business operates.

By drawing upon our expert knowledge of Apprenticeships and the funding parameters within Greaves Consultancy, as well as our minimum OFSTED Grade 2 Training Partners, we can highlight the following benefits that your organisiation can expect:

  • Location and development of local specific talent
  • Existing staff training in chosen areas that include Technical, Leadership and Personal and specialised
  • Huge saving in recruitment costs
  • Attracting the talent
  • Retention of employees
  • Business productivity increase
  • ROTAP application & Bid writing support
  • Innovating learning solutions

Why Greaves Consultancy?

  • Chair of trailblazer group for apprenticeship standard
  • Introduce and implemented specialist apprenticeship programs for NHS, Samsung Electronics, British Heart Foundation, Port of Tilbury and many more
  • Ambassador for apprenticeships for the UK Government We’ve worked with over 70 of the trailblazer employer groups to develop standards and assessment plans
  • George Greaves has personally placed over 750 apprentices since beginning his career in 2015.
  • Board committee member for Youth Employment UK since 2017
  • Effective solutions with partners and a one stop shop for all communication and reporting.